Here’s why I’m still in college..

While all my friends are now in their first jobs I am the odd one still stuck in college (timing is such a bitch) I’m not complaining because I am getting an education and really you’re never too old to learn something new, it’s just being in college with people younger than me is hard on so many levels because it feels like I have taken a step back in my life.

I was never the book smart type of gal (I just lacked motivation) so I always wanted to do something practical with my life and I was always good with children so once I was done with my ordinary levels studies I took a diploma in teaching, I enjoyed every minute of it and loved my training and at 18 I was actually working in a kindergarten (my first paying job) I was so proud of my self because I felt like I was ahead of everyone else my age. Oh but here’s the thing about me, I’m extremely volatile! I worked for about 6 or 7 months it was all good but it dawned on me that I wasn’t happy with the direction my life was going in, I wanted more. Something that challenged me everyday… I wanted to be a corporate bitch, the kind of woman who slayed men in their own backyard (so to speak) and being a kindergarten teacher wasn’t going to help me do that at all. So I decided I wanted to do a degree in management (I always did like managing people, not in a control freak kind of way though) my parents obliged (bless them) and I was off to Australia to get my diploma. I was off this world happy, finally I felt like I was on the right path. I completed my business studies diploma which took me a year and before I went into my second year of study my life took another turn, you see while I was studying I was working part-time as an admin staff in my university (Australian Education Academy) and I was doing my work pretty well and there came a job opening for the position for the personnel assistant to the general manager and the job was offered to me!!! wee little me, I didn’t think I could have been happier and of course I accepted without giving much thought about the future, I was 20 and I had just completed my diploma and now I had a full-time job! my life was complete (or so I thought) You see to work in Australia full-time I needed a full-time working visa and after two years of working on my student visa I decided it was time I apply for the right visa and lo behold it didn’t come through and my life came crashing down right before my eyes! 22 years old and my life was over (I tend to be dramatic).

It was time to leave Melbourne and my heart was broken, I thought I could never be happy again (‘He’ had a part to play in it too, of course) My heart still aches when I think about my time in Australia, It was the happiest I have been in my life! I was back in Sri Lanka not knowing what to do with my life and so I started applying for jobs because having 2+ years working experience had to count for something right, boy was I wrong. Every interview went great I charmed their pants off and they loved me but a week later I got the call telling me how sorry they were but they couldn’t hire me because I ‘lacked the proper qualifications’ in other words a degree!

Rejection can be a great motivator so here I am today in my second year of university doing a double degree in Marketing and management. Even though I took a longer time to get here than my friends I don’t regret the decisions I made because the experiences and memories I have with me are priceless. Like I said no one is ever too old for education and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Your future is your’s alone and a little piece of advice, don’t ever compromise your future for another person. People always leave and when they do you have to make sure you can stand on your own two feet.


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