Hi everyone I know I have been quiet for some time and it’s because I am back in Penang (Malaysia). It’s been somewhat hectic with moving to a new apartment and settling into my class schedule I don’t even realise where the time is going until I am in bed at the end of the day, exhausted. There is plenty going on in my head and I feel like I need to unload my brain but unfortunately it’s not going to be today. I wrote the following poem in between one of my classes and thought I would share it here. Enjoy!

Like poison on my skin
You speak of only sin
I know I shouldn’t give in
but you make my head spin.

The rush it takes over
I never want to be sober,
like a thief who’s on the sneak
into my soul you slowly creep.

pain or pleasure who knows
But can you see, it shows.
You take me to a great height
Like a thousand bursts of light.

Its over and you’ve gone
Left me all alone and torn
But I know I’m your favourite crime
So bring more poison next time.


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